Symbiotic Human-AI Interaction: Examples in Robotics and Finance

16 February 2024 13:00 Hörsal T, Teknikhuset Open for the public

Manuela Veloso

Örebro University's new honorary doctor, professor emerita Manuela Veloso, is one of the most influential women in engineering. In conjunction with the installation, there is an opportunity to attend Manuela Veloso's talk on artificial intelligence and how technology can work in symbiosis with humans.

"I will introduce AI as a science and engineering of components where AI agents integrate perception, cognition, and action capabilities. I will discuss generative AI in particular and the goal of having a seamless, safe, symbiotic interaction between AI and humans. I will provide examples of my research experience in robotics and in the finance domain", she says.

The talk will be in English and is open to everyone, no pre-registration is required.

This lecture is part of the seminar series AI@ORU.

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