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Christoffer Andersén

Position: Doctoral Student School/office: School of Medical Sciences


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About Christoffer Andersén

Christoffer Andersén is a Medical Physicist who started his PhD studies at the University of Örebro in November 2018. He received his master of science degree in Medical Physics 2016 from University of Gothenburg. He is working as a resident Medical Physicist (ST-Sjukhusfysiker) at the department of Medical Physics, University hospital of Örebro. His area of expertise is brachytherapy and external beam therapy.

His research is focusing on artificial intelligence (AI) where he currently implements AI into the brachytherapy department. The department of brachytherapy at the University hospital of Örebro have been treating patients with brachytherapy since the 1960s and with new modern technologies since the 90s, hence an impressive database has been built up. This database can be use to train a neural network for automatization of the treatments which will speed them up.