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Jort Veen

Title: Doctoral Student School/office: School of Health Sciences


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Jort Veen

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I’m a PhD student in Sport Science. In 2016 I obtained my MSc in Sport Science at the University of Worcester UK with a specialisation in postactivation and pacing in cyclists. After my graduation I worked as a sessional lecturer in exercise physiology and biomechanics at this same university.

In 2018 I started my PhD in physical activity and aging as part of the Newbreed  Successful Aging Program co-funded by the European Commission through the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions, Co-funding of Regional, National and International Programmes (MSCA COFUND). 

My research focuses on the influence of physical activity and nutrition on physical function, markers inflammation and metabolic risk factors in older aged people. 


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Articles in journals

Bergens, O. , Veen, J. , Montiel Rojas, D. , Edholm, P. , Kadi, F. & Nilsson, A. (2020). Impact of healthy diet and physical activity on metabolic health in men and women: Study Protocol Clinical Trial (SPIRIT Compliant). Medicine (Baltimore, Md.), 99 (16).
Veen, J. , Corbett, M. A. & Renfree, A. (2020). Maximal sprints within the warm-up does not affect pacing or performance in a 10 km cycle time trial. Journal of Human Sport and Exercise, 15 (2), 319-329.

Conference papers

Veen, J. , Edholm, P. , Nilsson, A. & Kadi, F. (2019). The Effect of Past and Present Physical Activity on Physical Function in Older Women: Do Physical Activity Guidelines Matter?. In: Scientific Program. Paper presented at International Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics European Region Congress, Gothenburg, Sweden, May 23-25, 2019..
Veen, J. , Corbett, M. A. & Renfree, A. (2017). Inclusion of maximal sprints within the warm up does not effect pacing and performance during a 10km cycle time trial. In: Ferrauti, A., Platen, P., Grimminger-Seidensticker, E., Jaitner, T., Bartmus, U., Becher, L., De Marées, M., Mühlbauer, T., Schauerte, A., Wiewelhove, T., Tsolakidis, E., Book of abstracts. Paper presented at 22nd Annual Congress of the European College of Sport Science (ECSS), Essen, Germany, July 5-8, 2017. (pp. 457-458).