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Malin Prenkert

Title: Senior Lecturer School/office: School of Health Sciences


Phone: +46 19 303280

Room: P1119

Malin Prenkert
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Articles in journals

Ivarsson, M. , Prenkert, M. , Cheema, A. , Wretenberg, P. & Andjelkov, N. (2019). Mussel Adhesive Protein as a Promising Alternative to Fibrin for Scaffold Fixation during Cartilage Repair Surgery. Cartilage.
Prenkert, M. , Carlsson, E. , Svantesson, M. & Anderzén-Carlsson, A. (2017). Healthcare-professional patients’ conceptions of being ill and hospitalised: a phenomenographic study. Journal of Clinical Nursing, 26 (11-12), 1725-1736.
Carlsson, E. , Anderzén Carlsson, A. , Prenkert, M. & Svantesson, M. (2016). Ways of understanding being a healthcare professional in the role of family member of a patient admitted to hospital: A phenomenographic study. International Journal of Nursing Studies, 53, 50-60.
Prenkert, M. , Uggla, B. , Tidefelt, U. & Strid, H. (2010). CRIM1 is expressed at higher levels in drug-resistant than in drug-sensitive myeloid leukemia HL60 cells. Anticancer Research, 30 (10), 4157-61.
Prenkert, M. , Uggla, B. , Tina, E. , Tidefelt, U. & Strid, H. (2009). Rapid Induction of P-Glycoprotein mRNA and Protein Expression by Cytarabine in HL-60 Cells. Anticancer Research, 29 (10), 4071-4076.
Tina, E. , Prenkert, M. , Höglund, M. , Paul, C. & Tidefelt, U. (2009). Topoisomerase IIalpha expression in acute myeloid leukaemia cells that survive after exposure to daunorubicin or ara-C. Oncology Reports, 22 (6), 1527-1531.
Möllgård, L. , Prenkert, M. , Smolowicz, A. , Paul, C. & Tidefelt, U. (2003). In vitro chemosensitivity testing of selected myeloid cells in acute myeloid leukemia . Leukemia and Lymphoma, 44 (5), 783-789.

Conference papers

Fransén, K. , Johansson, M. & Prenkert, M. (2016). Doktoranders upplevelse av nyttan med den obligatoriska forskarutbildningskursen Allmänvetenskaplig forskningsmetodik i medicinsk vetenskap vid Örebro universitet. Paper presented at NU 2016, Malmö, Sweden, June 15-17, 2016.

Doctoral theses, comprehensive summaries

Prenkert, M. (2010). On mechanisms of drug resistance in acute myeloid leukemia. (Doctoral dissertation). (Comprehensive summary) Örebro: Örebro universitet.