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Mehul Bhatt

Title: Professor School/office: School of Science and Technology


Phone: +46 19 303000

Room: T2206

Mehul Bhatt

About Mehul Bhatt

Research Specialisation

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Cognitive Science
  • Human-Computer Interaction
  • Design Science

Human-Centred AI  AND Cognitive Technologies   >>   Basic research focusses on formal, cognitive, and computational foundations for AI technologies with a principal emphasis on knowledge representation, semantics, integration of commonsense reasoning & learning, explainability, and spatial representation and reasoning. Visuospatial cognition and computation has been an area of intense activity from the viewpoint of interdisciplinary research.

Our research particularly emphasises the study of human-behaviour (embodied multimodal interaction) in naturalistic settings as a principal means of AI technology driven human-centred cognitive assistance in planning, decision-making, design situations requiring an interplay of commonsense, creative, and specialist visuospatial thinking.

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Artificial and Human Intelligence  /  Formal and Cognitive Foundations for Human-Centred Computing

Key Topics

  • spatial cognition and computation
  • knowledge representation and reasoning
  • visual perception
  • design cognition and computation
  • cognitive interaction systems
  • multimodal interaction
  • computational cognitive vision
  • evidence-based studies of human behaviour
  • communications & media studies (moving image / visuo-auditory narrativity)
  • media design and technologies
  • architecture / built environment design
  • autonomous systems (e.g., self-driving vehicles)

Recent Publications

  • Spatial Representation and Reasoning
  • Learning Visual and Spatial Representations
  • Reasoning about Space and Change
  • Non-Monotonic Reasoning
  • Qualitative Reasoning
  • Declarative programming (e.g., with Constraint Logic Programming, Answer-Set Programming)
  • Semantic Q/A with Visual Imagery
  • Eye-Tracking
  • Computational Models of Narrative
  • Cognitive Modelling of Visuo-Spatial Cognition
  • Cognitive Media (e.g., Film) Studies
  • Semantic GIS; Geospatial Dynamics
  • Wayfinding, hospital design


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