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Nadia Abdellah

Position: Communications Officer School/office: University Library

Email: bmFkaWEuYWJkZWxsYWg7b3J1LnNl

Phone: +46 19 303997

Room: U2134

Nadia Abdellah

About Nadia Abdellah

Nadia Abdellah works as a Communications officer for the University Library and has her office at the Main Library.

The job includes:

  • Work strategically with communication for the department.
  • Develop communication and marketing materials.

Nadia's work includes being responsible for the University Library's social media (Facebook and Instagram), the University Library's website, creating printed materials, photography, video production, and organising events that take place in the University Library's premises.

Nadia is part of the University Library's group that serves as a method support for working with user experience methods (UX, sometimes also referred to as design thinking and service design).

Nadia is also jointly responsible for the research support on the web.