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Sune Karlsson

Title: Professor School/office: Örebro University School of Business


Phone: +46 19 301257

Room: N4016

Sune Karlsson
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Replication codes and data for

  • Karlsson & Österholm (2020), A Hybrid Time-Varying Parameter Bayesian VAR Analysis of Okun’s Law in the United States, Economics Letters, 197, 109622
  • Karlsson & Österholm (2021), Okuns lag i Sverige – är sambandet stabilt?, Ekonomisk Debatt
  • Karlsson & Österholm (forthcoming), Is the US Phillips Curve Stable? Evidence from Bayesian VARs, Scandinavian Journal of Economics for

  • Karlsson & Österholm (2020), A note on the stability of the Swedish Phillips curve Empirical Economics 59, 2573-2612
  • Karlsson & Österholm (2019), "Volatilities, drifts and the relation between treasury yields and the corporate bond yield spread in Australia", Finance Research Letters, 30, 378-384.
  • Karlsson & Österholm (2020), The Relation between the Corporate Bond-Yield Spread and the Real Economy: Stable or Time-Varying? Economics Letters, 186, Article 108883



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