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“I’ve achieved my dream – to study in Europe and receive an education of the highest quality”

Lily Bahati Kampani from Malawi, Ncedo Mncedisi Ndlovu  from Zimbabwe and Chihor Ngov from Cambodia.

Lily Bahati Kampani from Malawi, Ncedo Mncedisi Ndlovu from Zimbabwe and Chihor Ngov from Cambodia. are graduating today. All three have funded their studies in Sweden with a scholarship from the Swedish Institute.

Supportive teachers, dynamic learning environments, and classmates who challenge and contribute to development. Lily Bahati Kampani from Malawi, Chihor Ngov from Cambodia, and Ncedo Mncedisi Ndlovu from Zimbabwe are three of the over 60 students graduating from an international master’s programme today – and they are very satisfied with their studies at Örebro University.

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Ncedo Mncedisi Ndlovu from Zimbabwe has completed the two-year Master’s Programme in Experimental Medicine at Örebro University.

“I’ve had a phenomenal time at Örebro University. I’ve met people from all corners of the world and learned a lot about different cultures. Sweden’s such an accepting country, open to meeting new people and free from discrimination,” she says.

Studying in Sweden was very different from studying in Zimbabwe. Here, Ncedo Mncedisi Ndlovu was exposed to peer-based learning for the first time, a pedagogical model in which students learn and acquire skills and knowledge together.

“Initially, I thought this learning method would be a letdown, but it turned out to be the opposite. It was the group work that I appreciated the most! Working with knowledgeable people who pushed my boundaries helped fill my knowledge gaps in the most fascinating ways. Everyone had something valuable to contribute if you listen,” she says.

Ncedo Mncedisi Ndlovu from Zimbabwe

Ncedo Mncedisi Ndlovu from Zimbabwe.

Ncedo Mncedisi Ndlovu describes the atmosphere in Örebro as ideal. A beautiful city with friendly people, all of whom speak English. Although the weather is a bit unpredictable, it is compensated by the fresh air.

“I love that everyone bikes, which saves money and provides exercise at the same time. I noticed that drivers are very attentive, and cyclists and pedestrians seem to have priority here, which is so different compared to my country.”

She is now set on moving to Australia to pursue her doctoral studies in biomedicine.

“I feel empowered – the Swedish Institute scholarship has changed my life. I’ve built up new knowledge, qualifications, and a professional and personal network. The skills I’ve learned are amazing – I’m a biomedical researcher now. My life will never be the same! I’m looking forward to combining my medical experience with research,” says Ncedo Mncedisi Ndlovu.

Development on both an academic and personal level

Lily Bahati Kampani is from Malawi and has completed the one-year Master’s Programme in Strategic Communication at Örebro University. She finds that the city of Örebro suits her perfectly, as she loves both nature and the small city life.

“My time in Örebro has been so rewarding, not just academically but also on a personal level. I’ve grown as a person by learning to embrace and live in harmony with other people and cultures which differ from what I’m used to. Another aspect of the university that I really appreciate is how supportive the academic staff are and how everyone working here is very accommodating and always willing to lend a helping hand,” she says.

Lily Bahati Kampani also says the Swedish Institute scholarship was a life-changing experience.

“I’ve achieved my lifelong dream of studying in Europe and receiving an education of the highest quality, which would have been a significant financial burden for me to do on my own.”

Lily Bahati Kampani from Malawi

Lily Bahati Kampani from Malawi.

The master’s programme is an essential step in her career. Now, she looks forward to making a difference with her skills and the knowledge she has gained at Örebro University.

“I plan to work in development work, where I know I can help the less privileged and serve as a mentor for other women striving to reach their goals. I want to remind them that the sky is the limit,” she says emphatically.

“Delightful and eye-opening”

Chihor Ngov, from Cambodia, is also graduating from the Master’s Programme in Strategic Communication at Örebro University. He describes his time in Örebro as filled with academic challenges, personal development, and memorable experiences.

“It’s been an enriching experience characterised by academic endeavour, supportive faculty members, and a vibrant campus. Immersing myself in a new culture – completely different from mine – has been a delightful and eye-opening experience. The most enjoyable part has been tasting delicious Swedish food, snacks, and drinks during various Swedish holidays and seasonal celebrations,” he says.

Chihor Ngov finds Örebro a charming city characterised by its history, beautiful landscape, and encompassing nature. He is impressed with the university’s dynamic learning environment that encourages critical thinking and collaboration across disciplines, something he will carry with him into the future.

“It’s about discovering the power of critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration to tackle real-world challenges. The master’s programme has equipped me with theoretical and practical knowledge in various skills and enabled me to think critically and strategically. Ultimately, the key takeaway from the university is not just a degree, but a holistic education that empowers me to navigate the complexities of society,” he says.

Chihor Ngov from Cambodia

Chihor Ngov from Cambodia.

According to Chihor Ngov, the Swedish Institute scholarship has opened the door to a world of transformative experiences and profound development. He has learned about new cultures, broadened his perspectives, gained new educational experiences, and connected with people from different backgrounds.

“The scholarship isn’t only an investment in my education, but also in my personal development. It has enabled me to cultivate independence, resilience, and adaptability.”

He now plans to return to Cambodia and pursue a career that allows him to contribute to societal change while continuing to learn and grow professionally.

“I aspire to leverage the knowledge and skills I have acquired during my studies to meet challenges and contribute positively to society,” says Chihor Ngov.

Text: Anna Lorentzon
Photo: Anna Lorentzon
Translation: Jerry Gray