Global Swede award to Örebro student

Angela Chambers from the USA, and a student at Örebro University, has received the award Global Swede. She was recently presented with the award by the Minister for Foreign Trade Ewa Björling at a ceremony in Stockholm.

Sweden is an attractive and first-rate study destination. The Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs aims at promoting and spreading information abroad about higher education in Sweden. At the Global Swede award ceremony, a number of international students who have trained in Sweden and distinguished themselves in fields closely linked to innovation and entrepreneurship are acknowledged. Students are nominated by their universities. This time, a total of 24 students received the award by the Minister for Foreign Trade Ewa Björling. One of them was Angela Chambers, a student on the Master’s programme Global Journalism at Örebro University.

- The international students who have picked Sweden as their higher education destination are of great significance to us. Apart from contributing with unique knowledge and insights within higher education and research, in the long term, they will be important assets to Sweden in our relations with world around us, says Ewa Björling, Minister for Foreign Trade, in a press release.

Through the award ceremony, the students are encouraged to take an active part in the Global Swede network, and ultimately act as ambassadors for Sweden as a destination, and/or function as a resource for Swedish trade and industry in the country where they choose to live and work after their studies. The award ceremony Global Swede is a collaboration between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Swedish Institute.

Translation: Charlotta Hambre-Knight

Photo: Linn Duvhammar/UD