Top marks for legal science at Örebro University

Örebro University's legal science programme on the master's level is among the best in the country according to a new quality evaluation report from the Swedish National Agency for Higher Education (HSV). The same report declares the law programme at Örebro University to be of a high quality.

- We have a strong legal science programme at our university. The assessment from HSV is an acknowledgement of the fact that we offer our students a first-class study programme, says Åsa Kroon Lundell, dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.

During the current evaluation period, the Swedish National Agency for Higher Education is carrying out nationwide evaluations of programmes leading to bachelor's and master's degrees, as well as of those leading to professional qualifications. Programmes are assessed based on the extent to which students' achieved learning outcomes correspond to the intended learning outcomes as described in the Swedish Higher Education Act and Ordinance. Each programme is assessed according to a three-grade scale: very high quality, high quality and inadequate quality.

The evaluations announced this time concern programmes in legal science at the master's and bachelor's levels, as well as the professional law programmes leading to a Master of Laws. All programmes offered by Örebro University in this field have been rated to be of a high quality, with the exception of the legal science programme, which was rated as being of a very high quality.

- Our students train to become specialists in examining and solving legal problems within international law and in the public authority domain. We have invested greatly in building special competence in this field. At the same time first-rate research is being carried out here. I believe that combination to be key to our programme's success, says Jan Melander from the legal science programme.