Success for Örebro University’s robotics researchers

Örebro University, Sweden, is one of ten universities worldwide that are given access to an advanced robotic platform from the Canadian company Clearpath Robotics. More than 150 universities submitted proposals for the grant program PartnerBot, introduced to support prominent robotics research.

- Above all, this will allow us to further test and demonstrate our GasBot robot in authentic environments, says Achim Lilienthal, researcher at the AASS research centre at Örebro University.

GasBot has been developed in collaboration with the Swedish robotics initiative Robotdalen, with the detection of landfill gas emissions as one of its applications. Commenting on the recipients of the award, Clearpath Robotics refers to GasBot as a unique and exciting project with obvious environmental benefits. AASS is one of three research environments that were awarded special distinction in the competition.


Text: Ingrid Lundegårdh

Photo: Anders Liljenbring

Translation: Charlotta Hambre-Knight