Groundbreaking event at Örebro University

The first sod is today being turned to mark the construction start for a new building at Örebro University. Among other things, the facility will house Örebro University School of Business and a new, large assembly hall. The cost for the development project is estimated to 270 million SEK and it is due for completion by the summer 2015.

The new building- This is an eagerly awaited event, given our expansion and the need for larger premises. At the same time it signifies a further step towards close collaboration with Örebro Municipality and the business sector since Örebro Science Park and the business incubator Inkubera will also be housed in the building, says Örebro University's Vice-Chancellor Jens Schollin.

Örebro University is growing. Strategic investments into research and education are being complemented with new, well-equipped facilities. Adjacent to Örebro University Hospital, the development of Campus USÖ, intended for students on the medical programme and for researchers in medicine, is reaching its final stages.

At Örebro University's main campus, the construction of yet another new building is now about to start. With an exciting and contemporary architectural style, the building has been designed by the renowned Danish architects Juul Frost. The gross floor area will be 9,000 square metres and will lend room to a large number of study spaces, seminar and group rooms, offices and an assembly hall seating over 500 people. Örebro University School of Business will move into the premises, as will Örebro Science Park and the business incubator Inkubera.

- With this building, we are creating a more definite meeting place for the university, businesses and the public sector. We are consolidating our operations within the business and economics field and are also imparting a more distinct profile to Örebro University, and especially to Örebro University School of Business, says Vice-Chancellor Jens Schollin.