Baranda honorary doctor at Örebro University

Dr Yolanda Bergel Sainz de Baranda, Professor of Private Law at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain has been conferred an honorary doctorate at Örebro University, Sweden. The conferment took place during Örebro University's 15th annual academic ceremony, which was organised around the theme of "Courage" and attended by some 600 guests.

With a particular interest in contract law, intellectual property law, family law and consumer law, Professor Bergel Sainz de Baranda has gained a reputation as a leading international researcher with numerous international publications. Scandinavia and the south of Europe are two geographical areas between which relatively few legal research collaborations have traditionally taken place.

Professor Bergel Sainz de Baranda's extensive contacts with international organisations, agencies and higher education institutions have however provided a platform from which the Department of Law at Örebro University has been able to establish new contacts and open up new exciting research collaborations between the two regions. The honorary doctorate is awarded in recognition of her contributions to Örebro University and its legal research environment.

Örebro University is a modern broad-based university with internationally prominent research. The university offers 800 courses, 60 undergraduate programmes and 30 postgraduate programmes, including professional degree programmes in medicine, psychology, law, business and economics, and social work.