Örebro University is concerned over measures in Turkey

Following the attempted coup in Turkey on 15 July 2016, the Turkish government has implemented a series of measures taken towards higher education and research. It has been reported that more than 1,500 deans from both public and foundation-owned universities have been dismissed. Turkish academics have been forbidden from leaving the country and those are already abroad have been ordered to return.

Freedom of expression and academic freedom are the starting points for higher education and research, and must not be restricted. The current developments in Turkey are contrary to international principles, and in this way, Örebro University wishes to express its deepest concern over these actions, which not only threaten these core values, but also Turkey's future democratic development.

Örebro University is very troubled by these developments and supports the statements by the European University Association, EUA, and the Scholars at Risk Network has published:

SAR urges expression of support for Turkey’s threatened higher education sector


Translation: Jerry Gray