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Launch of app to help you find your way

Katarina Hjärtmyr and Mikael Wetterstrand on Campus Örebro.

Katarina Hjärtmyr and Mikael Wetterstrand.

Lost on campus? Help is available. The app MazeMap is launched at Örebro University and is a tool to reduce stress-levels for all of us who may not know the exact location of lecture halls, rooms and meeting places.

The MazeMap app can easily be downloaded to your mobile phone from App Store, if you have an Iphone, or from Google Play, if you have an Android device.

”The app is mainly geared towards students, but we have learnt from other universities that it is also used by staff to a high degree,” says Katarina Hjärtmyr, Controller at Campus Services.

”We also hope that MazeMap will make it easier for our external guests to find their way around campus, but also to learn where best to park,” says Mikael Wetterstrand, Head of Division at Campus Services.

MazeMap is an interactive map, the app is free and can be downloaded from the usual providers as well as via MazeMap is used at several other universities and evaluations show that it can reduce stress and uncertainty for students on their way to lectures and meetings.

“At the University of Trondheim, this map app has topped the list of ‘the most important student app’,” says Katarina Hjärtmyr.

She and Mikael Wetterstrand point out, however, that the app is somewhat a beta version:

“We are still at an early stage and we would appreciate some degree of understanding that it may not yet be fully adapted to our facilities. The aim is to develop it based on the conditions specific to our University and we are happy to receive comments and feedback via email, at This is an email address.”

Photo: Micael Jonsborg