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Nominate for the Excellent Teaching Award 2019

Do you have a teacher who is particularly inspiring and engaging in their teaching and who helps you grow as a student? You can now nominate your favourite teacher for the Excellent Teaching Award 2019.

“Here at Örebro University, there are many good teachers. This was confirmed last year when we received more than 260 nominations,” says Nicolaie Kattah, vice president and student welfare officer at Örebro Student Union.

The Excellent Teaching Award is presented to two teachers each year, one woman and one man, by Örebro Student Union, as directed by Örebro University.

Do you have a teacher who deserves the Excellent Teaching Award for 2019? Then nominate her or him on The nomination period is open 28 October–15 November.

Text and film: Anna Asplund
Translation: Charlotta Hambre-Knight

Previous recipients of the Excellent Teaching Award

2018: Helena Stålnacke and Karl-Magnus Edberg

2017: Inger Adolfsson and Eric Borgström

2016: Senem Eken and Henric Bagerius

2015: Carina Lidström and Giacomo Lindgren Zucchini

2014: Magnus Hansson and Therése Skoog

2013: Linda Söderlindh and Carl-Joan Wase

2012: Jenny Lagsten and Bert van Bavel

2011: Ylva Svensson and Pär-Yngve Andersson

2010: Karin Engström and Hans Hedén

2009: Elisabeth Legl and Marcus Sundhäll

2008: Katarina Swartling Widerström and Mats Lindberg

2007: Elisabeth Legl and Jörgen Stenlund

2006: Louise Berglund and Detlef Quast

2005: Ulf Larsson and Catharina Sitte-Durling

2004: Emma Engdahl and Jan Malmgren

2003: Ulla Ohlsson and Hans Larsson

2002: Maj Bodin and Mats Bornvik

2001: Munir Dag and Bodil Sundberg

2000: Yang Liu and Albena Zaharieva

1999: Ann-Cathrine Åquist and Anders Avdic