Lectures drawing a full house followed by festivities with a research focus

Once a year, the university pulls out all the stops for its academic celebration. Before the festivities begin, the new professors, PhDs and honorary doctors give popular-science lectures open to the public – and this year saw a record number of attendants.

Vi tittar över axeln på Hugo Hesser ut över en fullsatt sal.

Hugo Hesser, professor of psychology, told a full house how we can manage physical symptoms, such as tinnitus and irritable bowel disease, with psychology.

Miriam Mints håller en föreläsning.

Miriam Mints’ lecture was about preventing uterine cancer. She is professor of medical science.

Paul Svensson intervjuad av tv

Celebrated chef Paul Svensson filled two lecture halls with his lecture on dining and sustainability. Media was also there to get interviews.

Forskaren Henrik Ugge talar med en äldre man.

Physician Henrik Ugge, who recently obtained his PhD, was asked many questions following his lecture on the role of inflammation for prostate cancer.

Åsa Wickberg håller föreläsning.

Åsa Wickberg shared how current breast cancer surgery is less invasive and more cosmetic. She recently obtained her PhD in medical science.

Två marskalkar

Later in the afternoon, after the public lectures, the academic celebrations ensued. Leading the procession’s way into the ceremony in Aula Nova were stewards with massed standards.

Jens Schollin

Former vice-chancellor Jens Schollin finding his seat in Aula Nova for the academic celebration, surrounded by many familiar faces.

Ceremonimästaren Magnus Hansson framför scenen med marshalkar och Svenska kammarorkestern.

Master of Ceremonies Magnus Hansson in front of the stage with the stewards and the Swedish Chamber Orchestra. The professorial inauguration and conferment of doctoral degrees and honorary doctorates await.

Henrik Scander får lagerkransen av Peter Johansson.

Head of School Peter Johansson places the laurel wreath on Henrik Scander, PhD in culinary arts and meal science. Earlier in the day, Henrik gave a popular-science lecture with tips on how to make food and drink taste better.

Robert Lindahl och Ylva Uggla

Robert Lindahl, who has obtained a PhD in social work, receives his laurel wreath by Professor Ylva Uggla.

Ulrika Fernberg och Mats Eriksson

Ulrika Fernberg receives her doctoral hat by Professor Mats Eriksson. Her thesis in biomedicine studied young people and risks of cardiovascular disease.

led av doktorer

“Now we have all received the symbols of our doctoral degrees.” On the stage in Aula Nova, at the front are Jean Damascene Twizeymana, Jordan Stubleski, Abdel Seidouvy, Christine Schönlau and Henrik Scander.

Åsa Öström

Åsa Öström, Professor of Culinary Arts and Meal Science, was this year’s orator at the academic celebrations in Aula Nova.

Viktoria Levine

Viktoria Levine, first-year student at the School of Hospitality, Culinary Arts and Meal Science, had been involved in making the hors d’oevres for the drinks reception before the banquet. Cured carrots and a kidney bean mousse were some of the ingredients.

Ann Kördel och Claes Holm

Ann Kördel and Claes Holm waiting for the procession into Aula Nova. They were this year’s recipients of Örebro Student Union’s Excellent Teaching Award, a fitting testament to them being extraordinary teachers.

Hilary Lappin-Scott

Hilary Lappin-Scott, microbiologist and honorary doctor, who in the afternoon had delivered a popular-science lecture on bacteria. Professor Jana Jass, to the right, was her host.

Johan Schnürer and Dan Danielsson

Johan Schnürer taking the opportunity to congratulate Honorary Doctor Dan Danielsson who shared, in front of a crowded room, the fascinating story of how significant the thymus is for life. Anita Danielsson joins the toast.

Mikael Nyström serverar snittar

Student Mikael Nyström serving hors d’oevres during the drinks reception.

Christina Larsson

Christina Larsson was able to celebrate that her thesis on improvisation led to her being awarded a PhD in musicology.

Studentsångarna står i trappen.

Örebro University Choir, led by Fredrik Berglund, performing Gaudeamus igitur.

Dimitri Beeckman och Simon Muylaert stor bredvid varandra i vimlet av människor.

One of Visiting Professor Dimitri Beeckman’s responsibilities is to set up skin research at Örebro University, based on a model from his home university. He attended the academic celebration in the company of Simon Muylaert.

Banketten i Novahuset. Flera bord i rad och gästerna står redo att sätta sig till bords.

The finale of these festivities is the banquet. The food had been prepared by the students at the School of Hospitality, Culinary Arts and Meal Science on the theme “the joy of life-long learning and development”.

Photo: Kicki Nilsson, ICON and Örebro University.