NanoSafety2 at the EuroNanoForum 2023

Explore the forefront of European nanotechnology at EuroNanoForum 2023 in Lund University, where Dr. Andi Alijagic presented the NanoSafety2 project.

Picture of research Andi Alijagic

Dr. Andi Alijagic at the EuroNanoForum 2023

The EuroNanoForum brings industry, academia, policymakers, and other stakeholders together to discuss developments in nanotechnologies in an open forum. The EuroNanoForum is a conference held every other year in the country currently holding the presidency of the Council of the European Union.

In 2023, the EuroNanoForum was held at the Lund University, Sweden, from the 11th to the 13th of June. Dr. Andi Alijagic had the chance to present the NanoSafety2 project, listen exciting talks, and interact with European researchers, industry, and policymakers.

EuroNanoForum 2023 is a strategic conference focused on identifying policy options and priorities, and on planning future actions regarding European activities in nanoscience and nanotechnology. Advanced materials, innovation, sustainability, circular economy, and fossil-free energy are also topics of strategic focus.