Örebro University Center for Research in Sustainable Logistics – ORULOG has been launched

Airplane and harbour

On February 12, 2018 Örebro University Center for Research in Sustainable Logistics was launched in front of a large audience at the regional logistics forum meeting with business, academia and public sector representatives. The center is focusing on long-term cross-disciplinary research and education on sustainable supply-chain management and logistics. It is part of the School of Business but gathers research and faculty from the university as a whole.

“One of the important goals of ORULOG is to develop research in the intersections between logistics solutions, technology and policy. To that end we must have multidisciplinary research based on close collaboration with industry and public sector partners. It must be multidisciplinary to ensure that we can cover the intersections. It must be collaborative to ensure that it is relevant and important” says Professor Frans Prenkert, Head of ORULOG.

ORULOG is based on the recognition of UN Sustainable Development Goals. Focusing on goal number 9 Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure and goal number 17, Partnerships for the goals all research that is performed have a sustainability requirement. This is in line with the policy ambitions of Sweden to become the first fossil-independent nation in the world by 2045. ORULOG serves that purpose and brings that ambition to reality.

ORULOG has received its first external funding in a project funded by Vinnova. The research focuses on circular resource flows and the issues of matching such flows with sustainable business models. It is performed in partnership with Swerock and Ecoloop. For more information on this project or on how your organization can collaborate with ORULOG as a business or public sector partner, contact Frans Prenkert at This is an email address.