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Influence of lactobacilli on expression of key proteins involved in miRNA biogenesis

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Nikolai Scherbak

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It has previously been demonstrated that lactic acid bacteria are able to influence the innate immune response of host cells. One way this can be achieved is through modulation of inflammatory cascades initiated by pattern recognition elements such as toll-like receptors. Micro RNA can also have an effect on innate immunity, and has been shown to have an influence in regulation of these pathways in immune responsive cells. However, it is yet to be determined if the interaction between lactic acid bacteria and host cells involves regulation of the RNA interference machinery involved in micro RNA biogenesis. Three of the key proteins responsible for miRNA production and activation are Argonaute 2, Dicer and Drosha. Together, these are responsible for the processing and activation of miRNA to enable post-transcriptional gene regulation.

In this study we have used quantitative PCR to evaluate changes in gene expression of these enzymes in HT29 and VK2/E6E7 mucosal epithelial cells after treatment with Lactobacillus and uropathogenic bacteria. Our findings can indicate that modulation of the RNAi machinery might be an important element of immune regulation by bacterial colonists.

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  • Örebro University