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  Three months One month Two weeks Less than two weeks

The Application Process

Review and feedback on readability
Review of the application text, its competitiveness and to what extent it complies with the agenda of the funder.  
Support on how to formulate section on project management in your application.  
Quality assurance of how the application complies with the terms of the funder.  
Coordination of other support functions, law, innovation, finance.  
Talk about impact and dissemination of results for a project application.    
Anchoring of planned applications with the vice-chancellor and the deans, when required.    
Preparations for interview and group coaching facing an application hearing.    
Structure of the application and time schedule for the process.      
Process management at larger applications.      

The Idea Process

Assist with information in project group meetings regarding applications specifically or more general, if there is time.    
Assist with method and lead at discussions on vision.    
Funder specific project idea analysis.      
Provide a method for long term funding strategies, Grants for Goals.      

Miscellaneous Support

Information on internal ORU processes and rules.
Link to the funders  
Formal processing at vice-chancellor's decisions.  
Training in using the funding database Research Professional.    
Search for participants and/or partners within or outside of the University      
Administration of EU-applications.      
Start-up meeting At project start.