Displaying completed research projects on oru.se

It is now possible to view completed research projects in lists on oru.se. To facilitate this, projects are marked as active or completed.

We have had requests from researchers concerning the visibility on oru.se of research projects that have been closed. Today, only active projects are displayed, which has led some researchers to mark projects that have been completed as active to make sure they do not disappear from the lists.  We have now taken measures to facilitate access also to completed projects.

  1. We have improved the “search research projects” feature to enable free-text searches, complemented by searches in two drop-down menus based on subject and project status (active, completed, all). See the research project search page.
  2. We have added the possibility to set project status (active, completed, all) when listing a project in the research database.
  3. On profile pages as well as under research teams on oru.se, research projects will also be included in two lists, active and completed.

Whether projects will be displayed as active or completed is determined by the research database. Contact the research administrator at your school of you require any assistance with this. See information on research administration support.