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Academic publishing

Photo of a hand turning a page in a journal.

Örebro University offer support for academic publishing using the platform Open Journal Systems. The platform can be used for regularly published journals as well as for occasional publications such as conference proceedings.

Open Journal Systems (OJS) is a platform for the administration and publishing of scientific journals. The platform was released 2001 by the University of British Columbia and is now used for journal publishing all over the world. Open Journal Systems was developed to facilitate the administration and to lower the cost of scientific journal publishing and thereby enable open access publishing of research results.

Open Journal Systems can be used throughout the entire publication process, from submission to a file ready for publishing. The workflow includes steps for communication with the authors, peer review by external reviewers and article processing by the journal editors. 

Open Journal Systems can also be used solely as a tool to manage the journal archive and web page. The web page is structured to accommodate the journal archive and enables easy searching in the journal. The web page supports indexing in Google Scholar, which may increase the visibility of the journal. OJS also includes tools to export article data to databases such as DOAJ and MEDLINE.

In addition to scientific journals, Open Journal Systems can also be used to publish conference proceedings, working papers, digitalized reissues of old journals, reports and year books.

If you want to know more about how you can use OJS for academic publishing, please contact us at This is an email address.

Open Journal Systems provides: 

  • A website template for the publication 
  • An archive for past issues of the publication 
  • The possibility for authors to submit articles through the website 
  • An administration system to manage articles, from submission through peer review to publication 
  • The possibility to control access to articles

The University Library offers: 

  • Support with the set-up and layout adjustments of the publication website 
  • A unique web address at  
  • Visibility on the university journal portal page
  • Introduction to Open Journal Systems and training 
  • Support with configuration of the administration system workflows
  • Guidance and support with use of the platform
  • Server maintenance and system updates 
  • Server backup
  • The possibility to assign permanent identifiers, DOI, and active DOI-links 
  • The possibility to connect the publication archive to the PKP Preservation Network (a digital archive to ensure the long-term availability of academic publications)

The University Library: 

  • Installs Open Journal Systems 
  • Maintains and updates Open Journal Systems 
  • Hosts the publication website 
  • Enables activation of permanent DOI-links through CrossRef membership
  • Activates the DOI-links through export of metadata to CrossRef 
  • Provides support and guidance for the administration of journals using Open Journal Systems 
  • Ensures web availability requirements are met for the interface of the system, but not for the publications
  • Removes inactive or outdated publications
  • Provides support for the export of metadata to Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) 
  • Provides support for archiving and legal deposit 
  • Announces changes in the provided services, such as interruptions or updates, in a reasonable time 

The editorial board: 

  • Manages administration of the publication 
  • Assumes responsibility for the content of the publication
  • Provides correct and updated information on the publication website 
  • Applies for inclusion in the DOAJ 
  • Ensures requirements for archiving and legal deposit are met
  • Assumes responsibility for handling of personal data and GDPR
  • Ensures web availability requirements are met for the publications 
  • Removes outdated work material 
  • The editorial board of the publication must be associated with Örebro University 
  • The content of the publication must be connected to current research at Örebro University 
  • The editors ensure that the administration and management of the publication is compatible with their other activities at Örebro University   
  • For journals, we encourage inclusion in the DOAJ and the use of DOIs