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Danish-Swedish Tax Law Network Conference 2023

Örebro university Entréhuset

Örebro university Entréhuset

Örebro University is honoured to host the forthcoming yearly and traditional Danish-Swedish Tax Research Conference 21-22 August 2023.

As two members of the tax research group in Örebro are guest researchers from Ukraine (yet not speaking Swedish), we have decided that this year’s conference will be in English.

The overall theme for 2023 is proposed to be:

“Tax law research and Tax law education in the digital era – challenges and possibilities”.

The background is the increasing focus in society on digitalisation and especially the discussion about generative artificial intelligence (as ChatGPT) and its possible impacts on tax law research and education. As always, technology development can be seen both as a threat and a possibility.

In the traditional manner of the Danish-Swedish Tax Law Network, we encourage younger researchers and younger tax teachers to participate as speakers at the conference. Examples of topics that could be covered are as follows:

  1. How does generative artificial intelligence (as ChatGPT) impact tax research? For example, will the use of digital tax research databases combined with generative artificial intelligence impact the research methods used by tax law researchers?
  2. Examinations and technology – do we need to shift focus? (It is sometimes argued that ChatGPT and similar chatbots will soon be capable of writing thesis and memorandums that will be hard to identify as “machine written”).
  3. The future of the tax lawyer and its possible impacts on education. The Tax Authorities in Sweden aim at a solution by which tax rules become integrated into the software, which also could be compared with the OECD report Tax Administration 3.0, in which the goal seems to be “tax just happens”.
  4. How to conduct cross-disciplinary research projects with researchers from other scientific disciplines (for example, computer scientists).
  5. Status in Denmark and Sweden regarding digitalisation in relation to taxes.
  6. Presentation of ongoing (or planned) tax research projects concerning taxation and digitalisation.
  7. Any other topic that you might find interesting.

If you are interested in contributing to the conference as a speaker, we would appreciate if you let us know by May 15, 2023. Send your interest to This is an email address.

The conference will start with lunch at 12.00 on the 21st of August. In the evening we will have dinner together. The conference will end with lunch on the 22nd of August. During May 2023 we will send out the full program, but you can now sign up for the conference. Please use the following form.

The conference is free of charge, and the two lunches, dinner on the 21st and coffee/water during the conference are included.

Örebro University will not, in general, finance travel and accommodations. However, we might be able to financially assist younger researchers who will hold conference speeches if they do not receive funding from their home universities or external grantors. If you need funding, please contact This is an email address with a short motivation and a budget. The motivation should clearly state the reason for not having alternative funding

See you all in August 2023!

The Tax Law Group of Örebro University