School of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences

Session 1

Time: 13.30-15.00

Good Food and Healthy Eating

Room F105
Chair: Tanja Kamin

  • Eulàlia P. Abril: Not a Piece of Cake: Exposing the Context of Unhealthy Eating in America
  • Charmaine Voigt (and Eva Maria Endres): Values of good food in the context of the FOPL Nutri-Score in German online media. A discourse analysis
  • Cornelia Gerhardt: Exgredients – Delimiters of ‘good food’?

Food policy

Room F139
Chair: Ana Tominc 

  • Rebecca Wells: The role of the media in UK food policymaking
  • Alanna K. Higgins (and Daniel Totzkay): Moralization of food through U.S. policy and the implications for healthcare practice
  • Irena Knezevic: Framing “Small” Food: Considering Scale in Food Policy Discussions

Food and tourism

Room F147
Chair: Göran Eriksson

  • Kathleen LeBesco: Where’s the Beef? Ranching, Culinary Tourism, and the Imagined Future of the American West
  • Irene Cenni (and Camilla Vásquez): Lemons, Toques and Folk Music: A Multimodal Analysis of Virtual Gastronomy Marketing Videos
  • Gloria Rodriguez-Garcia (and Fabio Parasecoli): Communicating Spain’s Culinary Heritage. Design Tools for the Identification, Support, and Promotion of Food Traditions