School of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences

Session 2

Time: 15.30-18.00

Panel: Food, gender and culture

Room 105
Chair: Charlotte De Backer

  • Ben De Groeve: Meat eating- and the role of identity-based motivations in supporting meat consumption and resisting plant-based diets
  • Jonatan Leer: Disgusts and pleasures of burger consumption: Gendered affective attitudes to a beloved, controversial and masculinized fast-food icon
  • Elina Vrijsen: Sizzling Steaks and Manly Molds: Unpacking the meaning of media representations of meat and masculinity in young men’s lives
  • Emily Contois: Negotiating gender on the plate and on the road: Advertising the Impossible Whopper and F-150 Lightning
  • Amber Peeters: Gender differences in the Twitter discussion about meat, vegetarianism and veganism

Food and politics

Room F139
Chair: Andreja Vesovnik

  • Ashli Q. Stokes and Wendy Atkins-Sayre: Stregthen, Fortify, Meld: Building Appalachian Resilience through Regional Food Traditions
  • Hillary Quarles: Platform-ed Food: convenience, power and apartheid in urban food imaginaries
  • Ronald Ranta: ‘Addressing food insecurity and changing food-related behaviours through a BRITE Box’
  • Tina Bartelmeß (Mirco Schönfeld and Jürgen Pfeffer): Food Poverty Discourse on German Speaking Twitter – What we can learn about the Social Role of Food in Times of Material Deprivation

Food, culture and identity

Room 147
Chair: Helen Andersson

  • Andrew Bottomley: Colonizing Authentic Foodways: Milk Street and the Reworking of Ethnic Recipes in American Food Television
  • Anthony F. Buccini: The Good as Enemy of the ‘Perfect’: Pseudo-Expertise and Cultural Appropriation in American Food Media
  • Emma Robertson and Ruth Gamble: “Always packed fresh and clean”: The construction of Australian rice for local and global markets, c.1945 to the present
  • Vasundara Priya M: Propagating Korean Food Culture through K-Dramas In Urban India: An Analysis
  • Beth M. Forrest: Gastrónoma: Representations of Spanish Cuisine in Gourmet Magazine, 1941-2009