School of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences

Session 4

Time: 13.00-15.00

FoodKom Panel (cont.): Communicating meat: promotional and media discourses response to the "meat problem"

Room F139
Chair: Göran Eriksson

  • Gwynne Mapes: Tasteful meat-eating: Progressive privilege in elite food discourse
  • Andreja Vezovnik: "Cultured meat will save the world": Green Governmentality and the "New Meat Industry"

Good food and social media

Room F105
Chair: Sofia Rüdiger

  • Charmaine Voigt, Petya Eckler and Andrea Tonner: Are there any “good” foods in #healthyliving Instagram? A qualitative content analysis
  • Andy Ridgway: Negotiating good family food on social media – how conceptions of proper food are reinforced and challenged online
  • Constanze Betz: #dancersdiet, #balletnutrition and health: How professionals in and around the environment of dance as well as lay people frame the public discourse of a dancer’s diet
  • Iñigo Marauri-Castillo, María del Mar Rodríguez-González, Flora Marín-Murillo: Strategies and actions of dieticians and nutritionists in social networks to help achieve a better diet: the Spanish case

Food, gastronomy and food culture 2

Room F147
Chair: Daniel Östergren

  • Anson Hunt: Good Value for Who? The Michelin Guide’s conception of “Good Food for Good Value” in the Bib Gourmand
  • Marcus Klasson: The Taste Script of Foodieness in the Development of a Contemporary Swedish Food Culture
  • Stefan Diemer: Food and storytelling in Taster Lunches
  • Ariana Gunderson: Writing Good Recipes: Authorship and Originality in Recipe Development