School of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences

Session 6

Time: 09.00-11.00

Food Communication Pedagogy: Approaches, Experiences, Reflections (panel)

Room F147

Chair: Ana Tominc

  • Ashli Stokes: ‘Good’ Food and Civic Engagement: Foodways in the Communication Studies Classroom
  • Ana Tominc: Challenges of Teaching Food Communication:
    From what is food to what is communication (and what about the media?)
  • Tanja Kamin: Stubborn food habits: food communication pedagogy for social marketing students with a focus on reducing meat consumption through effective communication and behaviour change strategies
  • Gita Berg: Communicating aesthetic values in food education

Food and health communcation

Room F105

Chair: Lame Kenalemang-Palm

  • Kerry McSeveny: What is ‘good food’ for patient wellbeing? Contradictory discourses in talk about hospital food, health and rehabilitation
  • Maria Nyberg: Ideas about ‘good’ food among people with eating disorders – Perspectives from clinicians
  • Amanda Björnwall: Is it bad for older people to eat alone? Reflections from a PhD project
  • Myriam Durocher: From “healthy food” configurations to communicating “good food”; questioning the material effects of discourses

Branding and advertising

Room F139

Chair: Helen Andersson

  • Iben Bredahl Jessen: Multimodal rhetoric in marketing of plant-based alternatives to meat and dairy products
  • Simona De Iulio: The Construction of Complete Food as Good Food in Advertising
  • Michal Salamonik: The Power of Advertising: Products with Cannabis in Late Nineteenth-Century Sweden
  • Cynthia Luderer: The Portuguese food semiosphere: The brand products of supermarkets