School of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences

Parallel sessions 3

16.00-17.00, room Ö201

Nissen: Cognitive Activation as an Aspect of Literature Instruction

Olin-Scheller, Stolare & Wijkmark: Reading the Region: Teaching for a Sustainable Development

Chair: Erik van Ooijen

16.00-17.30, room Ö203

Verscheure, Ducamp & Pélissier: Participatory research and teachers’ professional development: a comparative analysis in Physical Education and Science Education through the lens of the JAD theoretical framework

Liljekvist & Nordgren: Building infrastructures for collegial planning and preparation: A model for subject-didactic school development

Buyck: Multiple levels of determination of the teacher’s practical epistemology in the appropriation of a new pedagogical practices: peer assessment in a contemporary dance unit

Chair: Niclas Johansson