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School of Law, Psychology and Social work


The Administration is located in Långhuset, level 2, L2453-2529.

Opening hours:
Monday 13:00-16:00
Tuesday - Thursday 09:00-16:00
Friday 09:00-14:00

Within the administration you will find study advisors, education- and research administrators, as well as placement/internship case officers (sw. VFU).

Study guidance: assist on queries regarding the university courses and offer guidance on studies, employment and the labor market. If you have questions regarding university rules, admission requirements or graduation rules, please do not hesitate to contact us: This is an email address

Administrators working with first cycle courses and study programmes will answer questions regarding registration, exams, blackboard or other general questions about courses and programmes: This is an email address

The research administrators provide support for doctoral studies and research: This is an email address

For questions regarding placement (internship, VFU) within the social work study programme: This is an email address

Pleased do not hesitate to contact us - we look forward to being of assistance!