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Pooling expertise: Multidisciplinarity for a sustainable future

The Platform for a Sustainable Future at Örebro University, PSF@ORU, aims to contribute to an inclusive welfare society that is mindful of the limits of the earth’s ecosystems. With equality, safety and security, health, chemical safety, limited climate impact, a balanced economy, biodiversity and quality of life as our guiding stars, we are mobilising sustainability expertise from within education, research and collaboration to work together and ultimately find a way towards a sustainable future.

Platform research themes

Children playing in a sandpit with buckets and spades.

Chemicals, environment and health

Chemicals are necessary in our society. How can we use them without harming humans or the environment?

People on a hike.

Health and well-being

By introducing healthy habits from the start for a good, sustainable life, we can buffer against problems that we later in life attempt to curb with medication.

A moneybox in the form of a globe

Planetary economics

The goal is an economy that does not exploit our natural resources and affords everyone the chance at a good life.

A man picking tomatoes.

Food systems

We work with research from farm to fork and back again. Food systems are made up of complex interactions between people, goods and the environment.

Studenter utanför byggnad.

Social transformation

Today, society faces major challenges - environmental, social and economic. Social transformation is about creating a better and more sustainable society.

Kids looking through a magnifying glass.

Education and learning

Sustainable development is a common learning process that requires new ways of valuing, understanding and relating emotionally to the world we live in.