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Doctoral course

Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience, 7,5 credits

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  • Psychology



This course will cover the biological bases of cognitive functioning from a life-span developmental perspective. It combines theoretical and empirical grounding in the cognitive and biological mechanisms of developmental change with training of the analytical and practical skills required for undertaking research into cognitive development and its neural bases. The course examines current research on the development of specific cognitive skills (e.g., language, perception, attention), and different theories of brain development. The course examines changes in cognition, brain structure and brain function in relation to normal aging. The course also covers how genetic and environmental factors interact during early development and aging to shape brain structure/function underlying human behavior. Methods for studying cognitive neuroscience across the lifespan, including fMRI, EEG, rTMS, and DTI; and neuroplasticity and the changing brain throughout development will be covered.

Course Syllabus will be developed based on your needs and interest. Please contact the contact person well in advance if you are interested in the course.

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