How do I check the proof files?

The printers will send proof files for you to check and they look essentially the same as the ones you submitted. It is however important that you do a final check before you approve them for printing. Things that you should pay special attention to are listed below. We recommend that you print the pages before you check them – sometimes images and characters may look odd on the screen even if they do not on paper.

To be checked by everyone:

  • Are all pages included or has any page become ”blank”, even though it should not be?
  • Do all the special characters and formulas look OK?
  • Do pictures and figures look OK?
  • If you have any pictures that should be printed in colour, have the right pages been separated for colour printing?

If you have written a compilation thesis you should also check the following:

  • Are all the parts of the thesis included and are they in the right order?
  • Is there a fly-leaf and a thumb index for each part of the thesis, stating the Roman numeral for each part of the work?
  • Has the right term been used (Study, Paper, Article or equivalent Swedish term if the thesis is written in Swedish)?
  • Does the page numbering look OK for each part of the thesis? It is important that all the page numbers are placed with an outside orientation on the page. If the page numbers are placed nearer the spine of the book they will be harder to read.

The cover

  • Is your name and the title of the thesis spelled correctly both on the front and the back cover?
  • Does the ISBN/ISSN as well as name and series number correspond to what is stated in the insert?
  • Is the name of the subject (which is stated under your name on the front cover) correct?
  • Does the bookmark correspond to the text on the spine of the book and the logotype on the front cover?
  • Does the text on the back cover look OK (check e.g. that italicised text in your original file has been retained)?

If you detect any errors in content or spelling mistakes in the text on the back cover, the best thing is to submit a new text of introduction, or alternatively clearly state which word(s) should be corrected.

Title sheet

  • Has the abstract been correctly put together, on the back of the title sheet which contains the information about the public defence of the thesis that you have submitted?
  • Is all information on the front page correct, or has anything been changed after you submitted the title sheet?

Errors in the original file?

If you discover errors in the content or other errors that originate from your original file there are usually two way to proceed. Either you mark the errors in the PDF (using comments), we will make the corrections and send you a new proof. Or if you have many changes it's better if you correct them yourself in your original file and submit a new version. You must carefully consider the value of changing to much when you have reached this far in the process. In many cases it is preferable just to enclose a simple sheet with a list of corrections with the completed thesis (Errata).