Cover design

The printers will take care of the cover. The only thing you need to remember is to send them a Word file containing a short text of introduction to yourself and your thesis (max 2,500 characters, including spaces) and to arrange for a portrait photo to be included should you wish to, as well as a photograph for the front cover unless you opt for one of the suggestions given below (Bild/Picture 1-6). 

If you want to use a photograph of your choice, the following applies:

  1. The photograph must be related to the content of the thesis and/or to the university.
  2. You must have discussed your choice of photo with your supervisor or an equivalent representative at your school.
  3. You must obtain the photographer’s permission to use the photograph on the front cover.
  4. The name of the photographer must be printed in connection with the photo.
  5. The final format of the photograph will be: width 160 mm, including 3 mm bleed x height 127 mm. This means that the photo size must be at least 1890 x 1500 pixels. To obtain the highest possible quality, you should avoid compressing it as much as possible. Remember for instance that for each time a JPG picture is opened and re-saved, the image quality will be reduced.
  6. If you have specific requests regarding cropping, it is important that you give clear instructions when you submit your photograph.