Normally, 150 copies of the thesis are printed, For doctoral students based at Örebro University and USÖ 120 (including two faculty examiner’s copies) are sent to the school (administrator in charge) for distribution to the parties concerned. The remaining 30 copies go to the university centrally (the Printing Office/Repro) and are mainly distributed internally in accordance with a predetermined mailing list.

Doctoral students based at other higher education institutions than Örebro University may by special agreement have 110 copies + 1 faculty examiner’s copy of the subject’s 120 copies sent to another stated address. The remaining 10 copies and the second faculty examiner's copy are sent to the research administrator for your subject.

The school/doctoral student may order further copies but must then pay for these. It is considerably cheaper to order extra copies in connection with the printing of the original edition, than to place a new order at a later date. Any extra copies ordered may only be used for free-of-charge distribution. Under no circumstances is the school allowed to engage in any kind of sales.

Extra copies

If you want to order extra copies please state this when you fill in the form Order Information, which should be submitted when you send in the files of your thesis.