Time plan

As soon as you have the dates for public defence and posting, you need to complete the form Details for Thesis Preparation and Production. Once it has been completed and submitted, you will receive a (preliminary) time plan, outlining when you need to submit your files for printing. This will also enable the printers to add your thesis to their schedule

We want the form to be completed and submitted no later than 10 weeks prior to the planned posting (spikning) of the thesis (normally 13 weeks prior to the planned public defence).

Further information

  • Before summer, public defence can not take place later than Friday the week before Midsummer.
  • After summer, posting (spikning) can earliest take place from 15 August
  • No posting or public defence will take place between 23 December to 6 January.

Once the time plan has been drawn up, it is important that you notify the printer of any changes.