Welcome to Örebro University, a modern, broad-based university with internationally prominent research.

 A white robot looking straight ahead, with a display on its chest.

“Set to impact all of society”

AI to be included on other programmes

Students and teaching staff from Yokohama walking in front of a white building that has the sign “Entréhuset”. Students are laughing and enjoying themselves.

Hoping for increased collaboration with Yokohama

Örebro University is hoping for closer collaboration with Yokohama City University in Japan.

Five students playing cardgames.

From all over the world

They have come from different parts of the world to study at Örebro University. Two welcome days are now organised for the new international arrivals.

Owasim Akram

Poverty among elderly

Owasim Akram’s research focuses on older extreme poor people. His study shows that good family relations are decisive for lifting people out of poverty.