Welcome to Örebro University, a modern, broad-based university with internationally prominent research.

Students in a staircase and the text "Welcome to Örebro University.
A woman getting a vaccine jab by a nurse wearing a face shield.

Vaccine against COVID-19

On 15-16 September, students and staff are welcome to get vaccinated against COVID-19 in Långhuset at Örebro University.

Exchange students celebrating.

International studies in Örebro

Örebro University offers many different opportunities if you are looking to study in Sweden - and every year, we welcome hundreds of international students.

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Times Higher Education ranking

“Year after year, our performance in the ranking is testament to the strong international impact of our research,” says Vice-Chancellor Johan Schnürer.


Ravi Chadalavada.

AI and eye tracking could help doctors make tough decisions

Doctors could get an objective report to make better decisions about patients’ medical fitness to possess a driving licence using artificial intelligence and eye tracking. This is the goal of the new AI project Dash at Örebro University.
“It’s important to keep the human aspect in mind so that those who don’t have to give up driving shouldn’t be forced to do so either,” says doctoral student Ravi Chadalavada.

Portrait of Johan Schnürer.

Vice-Chancellor’s blog

"Vaccines are what society has to offer against COVID-19"