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AI for decision makers

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Örebro University offers a half-day course in "AI for decision makers". The seminar provides an introduction to Artificial Intelligence focusing on relevant concepts for decision makers.

This four hour session will provide an introduction to AI. 

In the first hour we will talk about the basic building blocks of AI and explain how the most current algorithms work.

The second hour will be dedicated to describing the necessary conditions for integrating AI in the workplace with focus on the advantages and possible pitfalls of using AI in different type of applications.

The third and fourth hour will be dedicated to explaining relevant concepts for policymakers and decision makers that want to use and uptake AI, as well as putting these aspects into a global perspective. 

No previous knowledge of AI is required to follow this session. The lectures will be given in English (for the sake of terminology) but discussions will be in Swedish.

  • Länsstyrelsen in the Örebro region, Friday 20 September.
  • Örebro municipality, Thuesday 17 December.

We offer the course on demand. The typical class is about 30-50 participants.

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Coordinator of professional education in AI

Johan Axelsson

Position: Coordinator School/office: Communication and Collaboration

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Phone: +46 19 303211

Room: E2204

Johan Axelsson