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Competence development within Artificial Intelligence (AI) for professionals

Competence development within AI, artificiell intelligens (Smarter)

Via our short, flexible and needs-oriented AI courses, you can take advantage of Örebro University's progressive expertise. Courses are led by the internationally recognised research centre, AASS, which conducts innovative research in artificial intelligence (AI), robotics and autonomous systems.

Örebro University wants to contribute to lifelong learning. Working professionals can study our AI courses as distance learning, alongside their regular work. Our aim is to work together with you in developing training courses that suit your needs. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions.

We offer courses and seminars for working professionals. Some of the courses are part of our standard range of courses. Application for these courses is via our regular admissions (read more below under Frequent Asked Questions).

If required, our courses and seminars may also be offered at a fee. Please send us a preliminary application at This is an email address.

Planned courses

Spring term 2020

AI Search Methods for Mobile Robots, 3 hp

(2020-03-30, 2020-04-17, 2020-05-25)

Autonomous Robots and ROS, 3 hp

(2020-03-31, 2020-04-21, 2020-05-19)

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, 3 hp

(2020-02-21, 2020-04-27, 2020-06-05)

Upcoming courses and seminars

Answer Set Programming, 3 hp

Introduction to Machine Learning, 3 hp

Mixed Reality in Industrial Applications, 3 hp

Reinforcement Learning, 3 hp

AI for decision makers

AI Legaltech (more info coming)

Federico Pecora

Courses are designed to match the needs of working professionals for the possibility of combining work and studies. Courses are developed in collaboration with the companies that require your skills, and teaching methods are adapted to you as a working professional.

Both web-based teaching and classes on campus

The Smarter courses are offered as freestanding courses and earned credits may count towards a Master’s degree. Much of the teaching is web-based but also combined with some classes on campus or at one of the collaborating companies.
Courses are part-time. A course of 3 credits corresponds to 80 hours of study over one semester. Courses are taught in English.

Flexible teaching and learning

Smarter’s flexible teaching and learning methods means that you can:

  • Conduct your studies from home.
  • Access the teaching sessions online, at your convenience and at your own pace (within the given time frame).
  • Pursue some parts of the course within your organisation.
  • Work with a case that is relevant within your organisation.
  • Access online course materials 24 hours a day.
  • Get access to instruction outside of regular hours.

Örebro universitet - ett AI-nav i Sverige

Örebro University – an AI hub in Sweden

Örebro University is part of three national initiatives for competence development within artificial intelligence: AI Competence for Sweden, KIT and KKS Smarter.

AI Competence for Sweden

AI Competence for Sweden is a collaboration between seven universities: Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg University, Royal Institute of Technology, Linköping University, Lund University, Umeå University and Örebro University. Read more here.


KIT is a collaboration between five universities (Örebro University, Blekinge Institute of Technology, University West, Linnaeus University and Mälardalen University), all of which have flexible, second cycle courses for working professionals. 

KKS Smarter

In a collaboration between academia and industry, Örebro University has established the national teaching and learning initiative, Smarter, aimed at ensuring the supply of knowledge within AI and autonomous systems. Smarter is led by Örebro University's strong research environment Centre for Applied Autonomous Sensor Systems (AASS) and in collaboration with the University of Skövde and Jönköping University. The second cycle courses are aimed at working professionals and are free of charge

Smarter in collaboration with:

AI Competence for Sweden
Akademiska Hus
Alfred Nobel Science Park
Billerud Korsnäs
Business Region Örebro
EMBA berg group
Karlskoga Automation
Västra Bergslagens Industriförening

Smarter is funded by the Knowledge Foundation. The Knowledge Foundation funds research and professional competence development pursued in collaboration, with the purpose of strengthening Sweden’s competitiveness.
AI Competence for Sweden

What are the entry requirements for the courses?
Our credit-earning courses require eighteen months of full-time working experience. A certificate of previous employment is to be attached when applying at Entry requirements in addition to working experience: 180 credits, including 15 credits in programming, as well as qualifications corresponding to the course English 5/English A from Swedish upper secondary school.

Will the Smarter course require my employer to pay fees?
When you apply for the course through regular admissions, so there is no course fee. If you want to book the course as a contract course, that can be arranged at a fee.

May I apply for your credit-earning courses without academic qualifications?
If you lack the academic qualifications required for a credit-earning course, your working experience may qualify you for the course through validation of prior learning. Apply for assessment of prior learning here. An assessment of prior learning may also be requested for parts of your academic qualifications if, for example, your studies did not include any programming.

How much time will I need to dedicate to the course?
Most of the Smarter courses are part-time and the equivalent to 3 credits. Expect around 80 hours of study over a semester.

Do I need to know how to program to participate in Smarter?
Yes, since these are higher education courses at the second-cycle (Master’s level), programming skills are required.

What does it mean that the courses are aimed at working professionals?
Smarter is a contract education initiative, and as such its courses are viewed as continued professional development for working professionals. Therefore, you need your employer’s approval to complete the course.

Why is it necessary to participate in compulsory classes, since everything can be studied online?
We have consciously chosen to design the Smarter courses according to a teaching model that involves not only distance education, but also on-site classes. The idea is that the students will spend half a day discussing course topics with fellow students and researchers. It is our experience that meeting face to face leads to better learning outcomes.

I can only participate in two of the three on-site classes. How important is it that I attend all classes?
Attendance is compulsory at all three on-site classes.

Is it possible to participate in the three on-site classes via video link, e.g. Adobe Connect?
No, you must attend the on-site classes on campus at Örebro University.

Coordinator of competence development within AI

Johan Axelsson

Title: Contract Education Coordinator School/office: Communication and Collaboration

Profile page: Johan Axelsson


Phone: +46 19 303211

Room: T2201

Johan Axelsson

Örebro University is increasing its AI offering for working professionals and has now opened registration for six courses. At the same time, the Swedish government has granted an additional SEK 20 million funding on continuing professional development within AI. Read the article here.

Amy Loutfi sitting with her legs crossed on a chair in the hallway outside the robot lab.

The Knowledge Foundation continues to support Örebro University's Smarter initiative for AI training for working professionals. The goal for the new four-year project, which has SEK 22 million budget, is for Smarter to be assimilated as a part of the regular course offering at the university. “AI is a very transformative technology, and we know that we must react quickly when it comes to increasing knowledge about AI for the industrial sector,” says Amy Loutfi, head of the Smarter initiative. Read the article here.

Johan Axelsson

“With technology’s constant rapid development, you have to update your knowledge to keep up track,” says Johan Axelsson, coordinator of competence development within AI at Örebro University. Read the article here (in Swedish).

Matilda Ernkrans and Amy Loutfi.

Matilda Ernkrans, Minister for Higher Education and Research: "I was impressed with how Örebro collaborates with the business community for continued professional competence development". Read the article here (in Swedish).

Johan Schnürer, Amy Loutfi och Mikael Damberg

"Amy Loutfi and other researchers are not only important for their research, but also for conveying this knowledge further", says Mikael Damberg. Read the article here.

Linda Karlsson.

Linda Karlsson, test engineer at Saab Aeronatics, took the Smarter course Introduction to Machine Learning during the spring 2018: 

"In the course, I was able to use real-world problems from flight testing to test machine learning algorithms, which we have since benefited from. I am very pleased with the course", she says.

Annika Olsén och Magdalena Nohrborg

Annika Olsén and Magdalena Nohrborg, patent engineers at Epiroc, took the Smarter course Advanced Artificial Intelligence during the spring 2018.

"We think the course has been great. The teachers were very good", they say.