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AI Impact Lab – accelerating AI development in Region Örebro County

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AI Impact Lab strengthens the region's development within artificial intelligence (AI). Serving as a meeting place at the university, it will provide companies and the public sector access to the latest knowledge within AI. AI Impact Lab is a part of the national innovation initiative, AI Sweden.

AI Impact Lab – a collaboration between Örebro University and Region Örebro County – is industry’s and the public sector’s entry point to AI expertise at Örebro University. AI Impact Lab will unite academia, industry and the public sector into one innovation platform, collectively accelerating AI development in Region Örebro County. AI Impact Lab is organised within the framework for ORU Innovation Arena.




Senior Project Manager

Camilla Ulvmyr

Title: External Relations Officer School/office: Communication and Collaboration

Profile page: Camilla Ulvmyr


Phone: +46 19 303381

Room: E2202

Camilla Ulvmyr