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Camilla Ulvmyr

Title: External Relations Officer School/office: Communication and Collaboration


Phone: +46 19 303381

Room: E2202

Camilla Ulvmyr

About Camilla Ulvmyr

Camilla Ulvmyr is a Business Developer working within the University´s holding company, Örebro universitet Uppdrag AB.

The role promotes and manages academic services and expert consulting that makes use of the skills, experience and knowledge available within the University.

It´s an area of work often referred to as `competence development´, and can include:

  • Specially commissioned and tailored education
  • The distribution and dissemination of research findings and insights – in form of lectures, evaluations, surveys and analysis for example.

You’re always welcome to contact Camilla to explore how our research, services and expertise can help you and your organization achieve its goals.


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Articles in journals

Eriksson, C. , Ulvmyr, C. , Johansson, M. & Virtanen, P. B. (2007). Att främja fysisk aktivitet hos barn och ungdom: en studie av handslagssamverkan mellan idrotten och skolan i Örebro län. Svensk Idrottsforskning: Organ för Centrum för Idrottsforskning, 16 (3-4), 15-21.

Conference papers

Eriksson, C. , Bergholm, C. , Ulvmyr, C. , Hallor Jonsson, I. , Tranquist, J. , Göttinger, P. & Green, S. (2012). NCFF  - Nationellt centrum för främjande av en god hälsa hos barn och ungdom: en sjuårig historia. In: Folkhälsostämman 2012 folkhälsa för en hållbar framtid. Paper presented at Folkhälsostämman, Stockholm, Sweden, 23-25 april, 2012 Stockholm (pp. 85-85). Stockholm: Statens folkhälsoinstitut.