Progress in Non-equilibrium Green's Functions 8 (PNGF8)

07 August 2023 — 11 August 2023 Örebro, Sweden

Örebro Castle with the text PNGF8 in Örebro, Sweden

The Progress in Non-equilibrium Green's functions (PNGF) conference series is generally acknowledged as the topical conferences on Non-equilibrium Green's functions (NGF). The aim of PNGF8 is to bring together world-leading researchers directly involved in development and application of NGF methods, as well as young researchers, who address recent developments, current challenges and future perspectives.

Organizing Committee: Hugo U.R. Strand, Claudio Verdozzi, Michael Bonitz.

Advisory Board: Michael Bonitz, Pawel Danielewicz, Antti-Pekka Jauho, Frank Jahnke and Robert van Leeuwen.

The key open challenges in the field that PNGF8 will put focus on, is how to;

  • reduce the memory and computational scaling of the NGF method,
  • go from model systems to ab-initio descriptions of real materials,
  • interface NGFs with other nonequilibrium methods, and
  • develop improved NGF applications for time-dependent experimental techniques.