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Amanda Rikner Martinsson

Title: Doctoral Student School/office: School of Behavioural, Social and Legal Sciences


Phone: +46 19 301035

Room: L2616

About Amanda Rikner Martinsson

Amanda Rikner Martinsson is employed at Örebro University as a PhD Student in Psychology.

Her overall thesis focus is climate-change worry among adolescents and associations with engagement, psychological wellbeing, and learning processes.

The aim of her doctoral studies is to through a quantitative longitudinal survey study, and cross-sectional survey data, with senior high-school students (16 to 19 year) investigate how CC-worry relates to well-being and future views (pessimism, hope, other worries) and also explore relations to measures of engagement and climate-change knowledge (outcome factors). In addition, Amanda and her colleagues will focus on possible factors that can turn worry into a positive force for learning and empowerment, with a maintained overall wellbeing, (protective and transformational factors) as well as investigate some factors that possibly can explain climate-change worry (explanatory factors).


Amanda is involved in the following current research projects:


What role does climate change worry play in young people’s life and learning processes? A longitudinal study about protective and transformational factors and implications for climate change education. Grant from the Swedish Research Council VR. Main applicant/ principal investigator: Maria Ojala. 5 954 500 SEK. 2022 (Aug)-2026


To trust or not to trust? Youth’s attitudes, emotions, and trust in climate change science. Grant from the Swedish Research Council Forte. Main applicant/ principal investigator: Maria Ojala. 3 945 021 SEK. Co-applicant Karin Gustafsson. 2022-2025