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Amanda Rikner Martinsson

Position: Doctoral Student School/office: School of Behavioural, Social and Legal Sciences


Phone: +46 19 301035

Room: L2616

Amanda Rikner Martinsson

About Amanda Rikner Martinsson

About Amanda:

Amanda Rikner Martinsson is employed at Örebro University as a doctoral student in psychology.

Her overall dissertation focus is on climate-change worry among young people and associations to environmentally friendly engagement, coping strategies, moral aspects, and learning processes.


The purpose of Amanda's thesis is to, through a quantitative longitudinal survey and cross-sectional data with senior high school students (16-19 years), investigate how young people's climate-change worry relates to environmentally friendly engagement, coping strategies, moral responsibility, relationship with nature, and views of the future. Amanda and her colleagues will also focus on possible factors that can turn climate-change worry into a positive force for learning (protective and transformative factors). In addition, one part of the thesis intends to investigate the impact of parents on young people's climate-change worry and environmental commitment, seen from the young people's perspective.



Amanda is involved in the following current research projects:


What role does climate change worry play in young people’s life and learning processes? A longitudinal study about protective and transformational factors and implications for climate change education. Grant from the Swedish Research Council VR. Main applicant/ principal investigator: Maria Ojala. 5 954 500 SEK. 2022 (Aug)-2026


To trust or not to trust? Youth’s attitudes, emotions, and trust in climate change science. Grant from the Swedish Research Council Forte. Main applicant/ principal investigator: Maria Ojala. 3 945 021 SEK. Co-applicant Karin Gustafsson. 2022-2025



Amanda teaches at the psychologist program as well as freestanding courses in psychology, in the areas of social psychology and psychology and sustainable development