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Anna Boström

Position: Manager School/office: University Library

Email: YW5uYS5ib3N0cm9tO29ydS5zZQ==

Phone: +46 19 301458

Room: U1138

Anna Boström

About Anna Boström

Anna Boström is manager of the Teaching and Research Support division at Örebro University Library and has her office at the Main Library on Campus Örebro.

The Teaching and Research Support division is responsible for teaching and tutoring students in information retrieval skills, reference management, and academic writing. The division also provides training and support to the university's researchers and research students in information retrieval, systematic literature reviews, academic writing, publishing strategies, research visibility, bibliometrics, and research supporting tools and resources. 

Anna has a BA in English from Karlstad University and an MSc in Library and Information Science from Umeå University. She has worked at Örebro University since 2013 and has been in a managerial role since 2016. Anna has previously worked at Kristianstad University and Halmstad University.