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Åsa Skagerstrand

Title: Affiliated Researcher, Lecturer School/office: School of Health Sciences


Phone: +46 19 303000

Room: -

About Åsa Skagerstrand

Åsa Skagerstrand is a PhD and an audiologist and a affiliated researcher at Örebro University. Åsa is an active researcher at the Audiological research centre at the University hospital in Örebro. Her research primarily focus on persons with profound hearing loss and on persons using cochlear implant. Her studies concerns listening effort, methods to reduce listening effort, and sound localization.

Åsa is also clinically active as an audiologist at the Audiological clinin within Region Örebro county. At the clinic she is active both with individual patients as well as within group rehabilitation.

Furthermore, Åsa is active within the area of National quality register. She is a part of the steering committee of the National quality register for ORL and is the head of the Quality register for profound heairng loss. She is also a member of the reference group for the National quality register for hearing rehabilitation. 


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Articles in journals

Skagerstrand, Å. , Köbler, S. & Stenfelt, S. (2017). Loudness and annoyance of disturbing sounds: perception by normal hearing subjects. International Journal of Audiology, 56 (10), 775-783.
Turunen-Taheri, S. , Skagerstrand, Å. , Hellström, S. & Carlsson, P. (2017). Patients with severe-to-profound hearing impairment and simultaneous severe vision impairment: a quality-of-life study.. Acta Oto-Laryngologica, 137 (3), 279-285.
Carlsson, P. , Hjaldahl, J. , Magnuson, A. , Ternevall, E. , Edén, M. , Skagerstrand, Å. & Jönsson, R. (2014). Severe to profound hearing impairment: quality of life, psychosocial consequences and audiological rehabilitation. Disability and Rehabilitation, 37 (20), 1849-1856.
Skagerstrand, Å. , Stenfelt, S. , Arlinger, S. & Wikström, J. (2014). Sounds perceived as annoying by hearing-aid users in their daily soundscape. International Journal of Audiology, 53 (4), 259-269.
Eriksson, E. , Sullivan, K. , Zetterholm, E. , Czigler, P. , Green, J. , Skagerstrand, Å. & van Doorn, J. (2010). Detection of imitated voices: who are reliable earwitnesses?. The international journal of speech language and the law, 17 (1), 25-44.

Articles, reviews/surveys

Granberg, S. , Möller, K. , Skagerstrand, Å. , Möller, C. & Danermark, B. (2014). The ICF Core Sets for hearing loss: researcher perspective, Part II: Linking outcome measures to the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF). International Journal of Audiology, 53 (2), 77-87.

Conference papers

Skagerstrand, Å. (2019). Signal processing to ease of listening effort for persons with profound hearing loss. Paper presented at Aging & Speech Communication International Meeting 2019, Tampa, Florida, USA, 2019.
Skagerstrand, Å. (2017). Perception in normal hearing subjects. Paper presented at 4th International Conference on Cognitive Hearing Science for Communication, Linköping, Sweden, 18-21 June, 2017.
Rudner, M. , Dahlström, Ö. , Skagerstrand, Å. , Alvinzi, L. , Thunberg, P. , Sörqvist, P. , Rönnberg, J. , Lyxell, B. & et al. (2016). Does working memory training improve speech recognition in noise?. Paper presented at Neural Plasticity Workshop: Insights from Deafness and Language, London, UK, June 3-4, 2016.
Skagerstrand, Å. , Lyxell, B. , Thunberg, P. , Sörqvist, P. , Lundin, M. , Johnsrude, I. , Rudner, M. , Rönnberg, J. & et al. (2015). Cognitive training and effects on speech-in noise performance in normal hearing and hearing impaired individuals. In: CHSCOM2015 Abstract book. Paper presented at Third international conference on cognitive hearing science for communication (CHSCOM2015), Linköping, Sweden, June 14-17, 2015 (pp. 127-127). Linköping University Electronic Press.

Doctoral theses, comprehensive summaries

Skagerstrand, Å. (2018). Perception of disturbing sounds: Investigations of people with hearing loss and normal hearing. (Doctoral dissertation). (Comprehensive summary) Örebro: Örebro University.


Skagerstrand, Å. , Köbler, S. & Stenfelt, S. Acoustic analysis of real-life sounds that affect hearing aid usage.