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Asmatullah Katawazai

Position: Doctoral Student School/office: School of Medical Sciences

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Asmatullah Katawazai
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About Asmatullah Katawazai

Asmatullah Katawazai is a senior surgeon and researcher at the surgical department, Region Örebro County, Sweden. He is a PhD student in medical sciences at Örebro University. Asmatullah is supervisor for medical students at Örebro University, lecturer and supervisor for the junior doctors. The research areas are abdominal wall hernias and other abdominal wall diseases. His dissertation work focuses on two major areas: abdominal wall defects and diastasis recti, and the effects of these conditions on quality of life. He is responsible author for four parallel research projects. The two randomized control trials focus on abdominal wall hernias with three different surgical techniques. A registry study on the risk of abdominal wall hernias related to the number of pregnancies and a pilot study focusing on a new minimally invasive surgical technique for rectus abdominis muscle diastasis, with or without hernia, in post-pregnant women with the core-instability. The surgery is performed  with minimal incision, as day case surgery, with less morbidity and less risk for surgical complications.