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Carina Boman-Helgesson

Position: Cleaning Manager School/office: Campus Services


Phone: +46 19 303477, +46 705 273477

Room: P2108

Carina Boman-Helgesson

About Carina Boman-Helgesson

Carina Boman Helgesson works as a cleaning manager in charge of both the internal and external cleaning services at Örebro University.

Carina is responsible for four business coordinators and about 23-25 cleaners.

Internal cleaning is available at: Bilbergska, School of Music, Gymnastics hall, Prisma, Forum, Technology and the Entrance hall.

External cleaning is available at: Campus USÖ, the university library, student union buildning and RHS Grythyttan.

Carina has 120 credits (from Örebro University) in sociology, psychology, law, and human resource management.

Carina is a trained supervisor to issue SRY professional certrificate in cleaning.

Carina has a large number of leadership educations, recently in leadership coaching.

Carina sitting with a member of the cleaning industry Sweden som years ago whos focus areas are: spreading knowledge, influence the environmental work within the industry, work for white lines of business, create forums and help improve the integration and equality.