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Christer Korin

Title: Senior Lecturer School/office: School of Science and Technology


Phone: +46 19 303082

Room: T2260

Christer Korin
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About Christer Korin

About Christer Korin

Christer Korin, born 1970, is Docent at Mechanical Engineering, Örebro University. PhD in 2009 Karlstad University, Korin has been working with converting of corrugated board as well as carton baord since beginning of 1997 he was a Specialist in Converting Technology at Korsnäs AB (earlier Assidpmän, and now BillerudKorsnäs AB) from beginning of 2000 until  late 2011, mostly involved in research and development projects regarding carton board packages and the use of carton board and packages in the mill as well as, converting industry as well as by the end-user. This background led to his employment at Örebro University, 



Carton Board. Converting, Packaging, Adhesion, Adhesive Joints Grip stiffness, Box Compression, Mechanical Engineering



Korin has a background in carton board development and carton board production development for various types of value-added products. His research is mostly focused on approaches to support and improve the usability of carton board.   


Actual Teaching at Örebro University

Christer Korin teaches in

 Termodynamik, 7,5 ECTS Credits

 Energiteknik, 7,5 ECTS Credits

Finally he is supervising and examining BSc and MSc theses in the following educational programs:

Bachelor of Science in Engineering (3 years, 180 ECTS credits)

 Mechanical Engineering

 Industrial Design and Product Development

 Industrial Engineering & Management

Master of Science in Engineering (5 years, 300 ECTS credits)

  Industrial Engineering and Management


Professional education

MSc, Mechanical Engineering, Royal Institute of Technology, 1996

PhD, Chemical Engineering, Karlstad University, 2009


Academic appointments

Docent (Associate Professor), Mechanical engineering Örebro University, Örebro, 2016

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Articles in journals

Eriksson, D. , Persson, C. , Ericsson, H. , Käck, T. & Korin, C. (2021). Laboratory measurement method for the mechanical interaction between a tactile sensor and a cartonboard package – presentation and evaluation. Nordic Pulp & Paper Research Journal, 36 (1), 91-99.
Eriksson, D. , Gerald E., L. , Persson, C. & Korin, C. (2020). Evaluating the use of a tactile sensor for measuring carton compliance. Nordic Pulp & Paper Research Journal, 35 (3), 362-369.
Korin, C. , Ristinmaa, M. & Saabye Ottosen, N. (2014). Analytical prediction of package collapse loads: consideration to windows in the package. Nordic Pulp & Paper Research Journal, ISSN, 29 (4), 717-724.
Hallbäck, N. , Korin, C. , Barbier, C. & Nygårds, M. (2014). Finite element analysis of hot melt adhesive joints in carton board. Packaging technology & science, 27 (9), 701-712.
Ristinmaa, M. , Saabye Ottosen, N. & Korin, C. (2012). Analytical Prediction of Package Collapse Loads: Basic considerations. Nordic Pulp & Paper Research Journal, 27 (4), 806-813.

Conference papers

Eriksson, D. , Korin, C. & Thuvander, F. (2014). Damage to Carton Board Packages Subjected to Concentrated Loads. In: M.A. Sek, V. Rouillard and S.W. Bigger, Responsible Packaging for A Global Market Proceedings of the 19th IAPRI World Conference on Packaging. Paper presented at 19th IAPRI World Conference on Packaging, Melbourne, Australia, June 15-18, 2014 (pp. 172-182). Melbourne: Victoria University.
Korin, C. , Hallbäck, N. & Barbier, C. (2010). Mechanical Behaviour of Adhesive Joints in Cartonboard for Packaging. Paper presented at Paperboard Packaging, Strategic and technical drivers for paperboard packaging, 23 -24 Jun 2010, Budapest, Hungary.
Korin, C. , Widmark, T. & Hallbäck, N. (2008). Fracture Behaviour of Adhesive Joints in Carton Board. Paper presented at Paper Physics Seminar, June 2-5 2008, Helsinki, Finland.
Korin, C. , Lestelius, M. , Tryding, J. & Hallbäck, N. (2006). Y-peel strength characterization of adhesive joints. Paper presented at 29th Annual Meeting Adhesion Society, February 19-22 2006, Jacksonville Florida, USA.