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The aim for the research in the group is to understand how different materials is behaving  mechanically from a component perspective (3D-perspective) and to develop methods to use this efficiently in the design process for optimisation of both product properties and manufacturing method. This is based on questions of how material properties varies in/through the component given the geometry of the product, the manufacturing process used and the material used. Other research questions are topology optimisation methodology, metamodel-based optimisation, using non-linear FEM.

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Research is conducted in areas such as:

  • Development and adaptation of design optimisation methodologies, e.g. topology optimisation, metamodel based optimisation using non-linear FEM, optimisation with uncertainties as central areas.
  • Materials science directed to the coupling of the geometry of the product – the manufacturing process – the material structure – the mechanical properties.
  • Computed tomography (CT) methods for improved image quality to increase the understanding of complex internal structures of components and for non-destructive evaluation of e.g. additive manufacturing (AM) components.

Manufacturning processes that are studied are e.g. additive manufacturing, wire drawing, forming and converting of package based material e.g. paper and carton board.

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